Fine Art Book: Homeless Project

This fine art book on the homeless in Los Angeles is a departure from the work I am known for.  But it is something I felt compelled to do.  Large black and white prints of individual photos from this book are also available.

Quite often when traveling from my studio in Downtown LA I pass through a part of Los Angeles known as Skid Row. What I saw changed my view on the homeless considerably.  I also saw that this social problem could be presented to the world in a way that was art. Confronting the problem, rather than pretending it does not exist, is the first step to remedying it

I went from thinking the homeless were low life’s and drug addicts – and many are just that – to realizing that is not always true. Some made a mistake, some were squeezed beyond what they could endure in the crush of soaring rents and ever diminishing wages. And I saw those who had somehow managed to hold on to their pride, dignity and determination despite having fallen on bad times. 

I believe that we are responsible for our own condition, but I also believe that includes being responsible for others too. We cannot profit at the expense of others… for when those around us fail so do we.

The book, entitled “Outcast in LA” is an 8 x 10 hard bound book with a dust jacket.  It is 20 pages of black and white fine art photos.  It can be ordered directly from the publisher for $53.99 via this link: